Wednesday, May 23, 2012

There is something in painting which is so precious for me. I never had been doubtful about being in love with what i am doing! I am not always completely happy about the result but, while i am painting, undoubtedly I am in such a wonderful different world!

I had given some of my friends and relatives, my paintings as a present for a different occasions such as birthday, anniversary, becoming a grandmother, etc. There were the best presents I had given. I painted them with love and gave them with love. Thank God they all loved them so far as well.

I have decided recently to sketch or paint my friends' portrait and give them as a present. I love to see their reactions! This so delightful to see the happiness in their eyes.

I created this blog, first to share my works with my friends and other audiences and get comments to improve my works, second to give other people this apportunity to make their beloved ones happy as well.

Are you looking for a special present. Something unique that last forever and make your beloved one happy. Why don't you give them a portraite of them....

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